Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brunette

I have had this brow pencil for a long time, and I go in and out of using this product all the time. I recently fell more in love with this product and I have been using it non-stop. You guys know how much I love brow products, but this one has been so quick and easy lately. I’m addicted.

I have the color Soft Brunette, which is just a little warmer than my brows naturally, but not enough to look unnatural. The nib is super fine, which I love. It makes it super easy to draw in faux hairs. I also love how it has a spoolie at the other end. I brush though my brows before and after I fill them in so I can find what I want to fill in and then blend it all together.

bare brows
brows filled in with Anastasia Brow Wiz

I usually fill in the front of my right brow (the one on the left here) since my other brow is much more full in the front. I also try and extend them some and clean them up. I find this pencil is great when I haven’t plucked my brows in a bit, since the fine nib can help me really define my brows and clean them up so they look less unkempt.

You can go really all out with this, but day to day I just use it to fill in my bare spots and even things out. I really love it. Its just super quick and easy (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this already, but its so true). If you are looking for some hold, swipe a brow gel over it and its all good on the brow front.

You can get this brow pencil at Sephora and online for $21. What are your favorite brow products? Have you tried this brow pencil? Any recommendations once I used this baby up?

The rundown: A


4 thoughts on “Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil

  1. I have this in a slightly darker colour I think (dark brunette?) , but it really is too warm for me. Since my brows are fairly sparse I do notice it, so I don’t use the pencil all that often. Actually my favourite brow product is the Anastasia brow Powder duo, but for rushed mornings and travel i use Hourglass Arch brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft brunette. I would recommend you try this next if you haven’t yet!!! I just find the Anastasia brow duo lasts longer on my oily skin.


    1. I do love the brow powder. I know the warmer color isn’t everyones thing, and honestly I wish the pencils came in more ashy tones. I can’t wait to try the Hourglass pencil! I keep hearing wonderful things about it.


  2. I’m so jealous of your natural brows. I feel like it’s so much harder to create a natural looking, strong brow without the natural hairs to blend in with the pencil ones!


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