Pamper Week: Bumble and Bumble Combination Love

Bb Grooming Creme and Bb Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme

Being sick, I haven’t had the patience to do my hair. I find in situations when you don’t have the time, or in this case the inclination, to style your hair a good concoction of product is a life saver.

I love the Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme, which moisturizes and helps to define and de-frizz my hair. I love topping it off with a tiny bit of Bb Texture Hair (Un)Dressing Creme to add a little more separation and grit through my hair.

I like to layer them since I find the Texture Creme alone makes my hair super frizzy (which is a problem it has without this products help) but I really love the look it gives my hair. A kind of effortless, beachy, slept in version of my natural waves. To make this product perfect I love using it over the Grooming Creme. The Grooming Creme coats my hair and moisturizes it so it doesn’t get all frizzy when I use the Texture Creme.

I really love the way this combination when I let my hair air dry. It helps me feel like I put in some kind of effort, even when I am sick and just couldn’t be bothered.

You can get these at salons that carry Bumble and Bumble, Sephora and online. Do you have a hair product combination you swear by?


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