Wayne Goss #2 Brush

Wayne Goss #2 Brush

This is the next installment of my Wayne Goss brush reviews. The #2 brush is just amazing. I love using it to apply my cheek products most of all.

The rounded, but really small end, makes it an amazing brush for contouring. It applies the color just where you need it and then if you press just a touch harder, blends it out beautifully. I also love using it for highlighter on the tops of my cheeks bones. Thanks to its small size it works beautifully for placing highlighter just where you want it.

My favorite thing to use this brush for is blush. I absolutely love how this makes my blush look. Its like it kisses it on to your cheeks. I use it in light, circular motions to gently buff blush on. Its just so beautiful.

Wayne Goss #2 Brush

This brush is pretty small, but I also really enjoy using it to apply my all over face powder. Since its small, it keeps me from over applying powder and looking like a cake face. It would also be great if you just want to set a certain area of your face but leave the rest with the finish of your foundation.

You can get this brush online at Beautylish for $35.

The rundown: A+


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