Pamper Week: Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

This is my second pick for pamper week. Being sick and all, my lips get super duper chapped. My chapped lip scrub of choice? The Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. I just love this stuff. It smells amazing, feels amazing on the lips and it just works.

The small sugar crystals are packed in, so no rub or scrub is wasted. There are always scrubby bits working, and the oils in the formula leave lips super hydrated after the sugar does its job working away dry skin.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

 I take some of this on my finger and rub it around my lips first, then I rub my lips together to distribute and work around the product. Afterwards I just take it off with a tissue or washcloth. Thanks to how well packed the sugar is, you really don’t need much to get your lips in tip-top shape. This little tub should last quite a while.

You can get this lip scrub at Sephora and online for $22.50.

The rundown: A+


5 thoughts on “Pamper Week: Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub

  1. Aww I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick! I have pretty much just recovered from a cold as well. It’s so strange. I had thought the worst part of winter is over, and bang I went down with a cold!

    This looks like such a lovely and luxurious lip scrub! I’m a bit worried if I get it, I’ll end up eating it 😉 Take care and I hope you’ll get better soon!


    1. Thank you Sunny! I’m so glad you are feeling better! I had the same thing happen, I thought winter was over, but I guess not quite yet.

      It is tempting to eat it, but its such a great scrub its worth the risk 😉


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