Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme

Bb Grooming Creme

I picked this up kind of a while ago (over the summer) and I used it off and on but I never really got into it until about two months ago. This is a styling creme that is applied to damp hair which gives a little separation, a little hold and, I found it to help tame my frizz.

I use about a quarter amount of this through the mid-length/ends of my hair after I get out the shower and let my hair air dry. I find that it makes a subtle and very nice difference. It keeps my frizz down, which is a big one for me. I have fine, long, wavy hair and frizz is an issue all year long. It isn’t so heavy that it weighs my hair down either, which I know is a fear of many a fine haired girl.

The creme also helps separate and define my natural wave pattern, so its a really easy way to polish up my natural hair. Basically, I really love it and it makes my hair upkeep easier. It also helps my hair dry faster, which is another real plus. Its pretty long, so it can kind of take a while.

This is a really big tube (5 oz) and I see it lasting me a really long time. It also has some very nourishing ingredients in it to promote healthy hair, which I think is great.

You can get this at salons that carry Bumble and Bumble, at Sephora or, online for $29.

The rundown: A

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