Eyeko and Alexa Chung Eye Do Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner Set

Eye Do Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner

You guys know me. I love my liquid eyeliner and I love my mascara. When I saw this set at Sephora (it comes in a pretty cardboard tube) I decided I really wanted to try it. Thank goodness I did.

wearing Eye Do Mascara

First, the mascara. I find this mascara to be a really nice everyday mascara. It doesn’t give me crazy length or volume, but its not a bad mascara by any means. Its a good all-rounder if you will. The brush is really cool, its a natural fiber one and some of the cork screw design pushes out farther than others, which I think is neat. I didn’t see any smudging, flaking, or noticeable wear after a 10 hour day. All good things in my book. The mascara is also very black, which is important. This mascara (and the eyeliner) are filled with nutrients to aid in lash growth and health, which I think is a great plus if it does. I haven’t been using these long enough to know, but I wont every object to good ingredients.

Eye Do set by Eyeko and Alexa Chung

Now, the eyeliner has stolen my heart. Its amazing! The tip is a great thickness and width, so you can easily cover thick to thin lines. The tip is also pretty flexible, which makes it super easy to line above your lash line, but still firm enough to get a crisp wing easily. Its like some sort of magic balancing act happened here. The nib is just perfection. The color is also super opaque in one swipe (crucial) and it isn’t too runny, so it doesn’t get everywhere without me wanting it to. The liner dries down semi-matte (not shiny or patent) which is much prefer to the high shine, leather looking liners. Its also water proof, but somehow isn’t awful to get off (I find the Stila Stay All Day kind of a pain to remove). All in all, completely in love with it.

Eye Do Liquid Liner on top and Eye Do Mascara on the bottom

The set also comes with a super cute lash guard that looks like a guitar pick. To be honest, I haven’t used it yet, but its super cute. It also comes with a poster designed by Alexa Chung.

Personally, I love the liquid liner and I hope they never get rid of it. You can get this set at Sephora and online for $39.

The Eye Do Mascara rundown: A

The Eye Do Liquid Liner rundown: A++


2 thoughts on “Eyeko and Alexa Chung Eye Do Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner Set

  1. I’ve tried the Eyeko liquid liner, and it’s about one of the very few liquid eyeliners that stay put on me all day! Plus the opacity and slightly lacquered finish are quite amazing! Glad to hear you like the mascara as well!


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