Wayne Goss 03 Brush is my New Crush

Wayne Goss 03 Brush

I have a bevy of brushes, like lots. From brands like MAC, Sephora, Tarte and, Sigma (I think that covers most, though I do have some NARS and Laura Mercier in there too). Basically, I have tried a lot of them. Recently I was getting a little bored with the ones I have “in house” so to speak. I wanted some more precision brushes (aka, smaller brushes), and after reading some amazing reviews online I decided to look into them. Looking into them turned into buying them all (I was being very rational there, right?). Whoops.

So I am going to be reviewing these individually for the next little while, since I really love brushes and figured you might too. If you are interested in reviews of other brushes (ones that are maybe less new to me) just let me know by leaving a comment. These brushes are all hand made and they aren’t cut to shape. The bristles are bunched to make the shape of all the brushes (so longer in the middle, shorter around). Most brushes are bundled and then cut to shape, which makes them scratchier. These are amazingly soft, and the brushes aren’t super heavy (not that you need to hold them very long, they blend in a hot second). Basically, they are high quality, made with care, cruelty-free brushes (which I think is kind of nice. Treat yourself and an animal).

Back to the topic at hand, the Wayne Goss 03 Brush. Technically, you can use it for just about anything. Concealer, highlighter on your cheek bones or eyeshadow work. Personally, this is my easy everyday eyeshadow guy. He applies shadow in a beautiful wash of color all over the lids and under the brow bone, but is also a great size and shape to do a light crease define.

from the left: Sigma E25, Wayne Goss 03, Sigma E35, Sigma E40

You can see from the photograph above that the total circumference of the brush is very large, like a E35/E40. The Sigma E25 is their version of MAC’s 217 and is in the picture for reference since most people are owners of that size/style of crease brush.

from the left: Sigma E25, Wayne Goss 03, Sigma E35, Sigma E40

But, if you look at the tip of the brush you can see that Wayne’s (gosh that sounds like I know him, I dont! Maybe Mr. Goss? Too formal?) is pointed on the end. This is something that all his brushes do and I have to say I am absolutely in love with it. It means that if I press lightly I can apply color right into my crease with the 03 and then add some more pressure and blend it all out really seamlessly (since the brush gets really round and full after the point presses down). Its kind of amazing.

I find this brush super soft, softer than my Sigma and MAC brushes. Since its at a comparable price point to MAC, I would say its not crazy money for the value. I actually think its kind of a steal. Not only is this brush much better quality (in my opinion) than MAC, its about the same price. The famous MAC 217 is $24 while the Wayne Goss 03 brush (which I can basically do my entire eye with) is $32. While it is more money, you are getting a softer brush and you don’t really need any more. Honestly, I do my eye makeup with just this brush all the time.

I didn’t notice any real shedding with this brush, only a hair or so. I honestly have never had a brush that didn’t shed at all. I always hear people saying they saw “no shedding” with a brush or another. How!? I have never had that crazy awesome experience (I’m assuming its really amazing). This guy only shed 2 hairs, which I consider pretty freaking amazing. It also retained its shape really well after washing (all the pictures are post wash). It didn’t get super big or have hairs jut out at strange angles.

All in all, I really love this brush. If you have smaller eyes I would suggest the 04 brush, since its basically one size smaller of this brush. You can get this brush and any others in this collection (or the whole collection like I did, vey, I shop too much) at Beautylish.

The rundown: A+


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