Valentines Day Look #2: Pretty and Sweet

sweet and girly

After my smokey and sultry look earlier this week I wanted to do a look on the other side of the spectrum. This is a light, pink look that is sweet for Valentines day.

the eye look

I used the NARS NARSissist palette. I did a basic defined eye using Nepal all over my lids to add a bit of pink.

swatches from the left: Bali and Coconut Grove mix, Madrague II, Madrague I, All About Eve and, Nepal

I used Nepal all over the lid, All About Eve in the inner corners for some light and the Madrague duo in the crease and under the brow bone. I deepened the outer corner with a mix of Coconut Grove and Bali.

the shadows shown in the NARSissist Palette

I then popped on some winged liner for a flirty, sweet look. For my lips I used a pretty pink shade to keep channeling this whole Valentines thing. I used MAC Lovelorn, a cool midtone pink. Its also a Luster finish, so its really comfortable to wear and easy to reapply, which are both key.

from the left: MAC Lovelorn, Fresh Sugar Honey

I love feeling all girly and pretty, and Valentines day is the perfect excuse. What do you guys think? I’m probably bumming around with some ice cream on Valentines day. My boyfriend has to be on a work trip then, so at best I’ll get to chat with him over the phone. We’ll just have to make it up with a date night later.


2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Look #2: Pretty and Sweet

  1. I’m wearing those eyeshadow colours today, with Nars Love blush from the Final Cut collection, how funny LOL. My palette seems more pigmented than yours, or maybe the light shades are more contrasted against my medium tan skin. Very pretty on you.


    1. It must be your amazing skin tone! I wore Orgasm for this look, but I think Love would be gorgeous with it! I love that Final Cut collection from NARS. Its amazing. Thank you Bella!


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