Valentines Day Look #1: Sultry and Smokey

be mine?

After New Years I decided I should start posting holiday/event looks before the actual event (novel idea right?). So I came up with two Valentines day looks for this Friday in case you have a date night, or even a night out with some girl/guy friends. The second look will pop-up on the blog Thursday, so check back if you wanna see that one.

This one is a brown smokey eye look with a nude lip. In my book, this is a classic sexy makeup look, aka perfect for impressing the one you have or, the one you don’t have yet (but will) or, even just yourself, since blending is something to be impressed with.

smokey eye

The eye look was done using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (review tomorrow). I used Triple Fudge all over my lid, Semi-Sweet in the crease, Salted Caramel at the edges of the crease to warm it all up and White Chocolate under the brow bone to clean it all up.

from the left: White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Semi-Sweet and Triple Fudge

The key to any smokey eye, especially an all matte one, it to blend, blend blend. Just blend. When you think you are done, blend more. Start with the midtone shades in your crease before you do the darkest shade on you lid, since it will help speed up the process. You can add a smudgy liner along the lashes, but out of habit I grabbed my Revlon Liquid liner, but I didn’t wing it out. A classic smokey eye has a more rounded eye shape, so don’t pull your shadows or liner out too much (you can if you want, then its a smokey cat eye).

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette with the shades used denoted with Hearts

You can also line the lower lash line and waterline, but I feel like I have small eyes, and I don’t like making them look smaller. If you like that look, it will add to the whole smokey/sultry/sexy look.

Sugar Honey on top, the bottom is a hint at Thursday’s look

To balance it all out I used a nude lip, specifically Honey from Sugar Fresh. So my eyes are the focus. Plus, having an easy lip product is important for Valentines day because whether you are kissing someone special or eating a vat of ice cream, getting gloss everywhere is not ideal.

Do you have a look in mind for Valentines day? What are you going to be doing?


4 thoughts on “Valentines Day Look #1: Sultry and Smokey

  1. Hey Natalie, nice, classic smokey eye! That palette looks so drool-worthy. I’d love to hear what you think!

    We’re going to a restaurant on Saturday instead. We ALWAYS book too late and end up having to celebrate a day early or late πŸ˜‰ No idea what makeup I’ll be wearing though. I’ll think of something before I go out :p


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