The One Blush : NARS Orgasm

NARS Orgasm

Some of you might this the title of this post is an exaggeration. But its not. NARS Orgasm, in my humble opinion, is the one blush for all cheeks. The one blush to rule them all (LOTR love). I think it looks amazing on everyone, of every skin tone and every age.

NARS Orgasm swatched on my NC/NW 20 skin

This pinky-peach blush is shimmery, yes, but I haven’t seen it emphasize pores. Either on me or my mom (seriously suitable for every age). If you just don’t like shimmer in your blushes, you get a pass on this one. Otherwise, if you don’t love it I worry. I really do. The color is also a fantastic catch all. It will look beautiful on every skin tone and flatter all undertones. This blush just looks natural and lovely on everyone.

wearing NARS Orgasm on my cheeks

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge fan. I know some people don’t get the whole “Orgasm” thing, but I think its a really perfect blush and I’ve been reaching for it frequently lately. I also know some people find the name, well, crude. While I can’t really argue that I will say that you shouldn’t let the name of something turn you off. When you wear the blush, you aren’t stamping the word “orgasm” on your cheeks, but rather imparting the color of the product. Plus, so many brands make dupes of this shade because its honestly just flattering. If you really aren’t a fan of the name, at least try the shade family out, its a winner (though the NARS formula isn’t something to discount, its a huge part of what makes this blush great).

This blush isn’t overly pigmented, and blends really beautifully. It also has enough shimmer in it that I don’t pair a highlighter with it. All those points make this blush an everyday staple for me. It doesn’t take long to apply and looks beautiful. What do you guys think? Are you a lover or hater of Orgasm?

You can get this blush at NARS, online, at NARS counters and at Sephora for $30.

The rundown: A


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