Winged Liner Tips and Tricks

liquid eye pens galore

I wanted to put together some tips and tricks for doing liquid (or even gel) winged liner. After my post last week, I got some interest in a follow up for some tips. Here are my words of wisdom (for now, these things always get better with age, like wine).

1. Practice. This tip kind of sucks, but there is no way around it. The more you practice doing winged liner, the easier it will get. Tough it out, get some q-tips, and your liner will be better for it.

2. Accept Imperfection. I promise this is not a cop-out. I can’t tell you of a time in my life when my liner has been “perfect”. Never. Not once. Some days the wings aren’t at the same angle, some days the line isn’t quite smooth. Its okay. You’re human and you have more important things going on than you liner and thats okay. Remember that you are going for the effect of winged liner, which is a thicker lash line and an elongated eye, not the critical perfection of a photo shoot. P.s.-Mascara tends to help hide small imperfections, use lots of it for best results.

the tips

3. Use Your Tools. Pick brushes that you can exploit. What do I mean by this? Use a brush that can be used to make a wing, no effort made by you. I press my liquid liner tip straight on to my outer corner to make a wing, then I drag it along my skin to connect. I don’t draw out a flick, fighting to keep the line straight, I use what I have on hand to make my shape for me. I also like to use a more flexible tip along my lashes, since it will make it easier to keep your line smooth. Use what you got.

4. Your Face is Your Resting Place. I always prop my hand on some part of my face (mostly my cheeks and chin) to stabilize my hand while I draw in my wings. If you have a table at elbow height, it can help for rest your elbow as well. Find a way to steady your hand while you do your detail work.

from the left: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen, Stila Stay All Day, Loreal Super Slim

5. Use a Slightly Drier Formula. I find that with really liquid-y liquid liners the pigment can get in my eyes, or be hard to control. I prefer to use a slightly drier (but still workable) formula. Its easier to control where it goes and what it does. This is up to personal preference, but this is just what I find easiest.

6. Use Your Mirror. Once I have done one eye (I start with my right) I back up and look at myself head-on in the mirror. I use this time to check out the angle of my one eye. Zooming out like this can help you make your other eye match. I try to copy the angle and thickness of the wing after I’ve studied the other one a bit. Don’t do this super zoomed in, since your eyes are different shapes, you want a pulled-out view of your eye look.

The three liners shown in this post are all amazing. I would highly suggest trying them if you need some help getting winged liner down. Pen liners are an easy way to learn, since the tool lends itself to easier application. Do you have any tips and tricks for your winged liner?


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