Dior Amber Diamond is My Halo

Dior Amber Diamond

I am not a huge highlighter person. Since I am quite oily naturally (that is an understatement) most glowy products send me running for the hills. Not this one.

Dior Amber Diamond is my favorite highlighter that I have tried so far. It has no glitter or large shimmer particles in it, so it doesn’t look too over the top. It reads as a beautiful sheen, and I find it to be subtle enough to use on my oily face. The amber color won’t look ashy on skin, and adds a skin tone highlight, adding to that natural glow I love.

Dior Amber Diamond swatched on my NC/NW skin

I like to swish my brush across all the colors and sweep the blended colors on the tops of my cheek bones and under my brow bone. The powder is velvety soft, and the highlight lasts all day. You could use just one or some of the stripes if you want to, but I just use it all together.

A quick tip for highlighter application, don’t pull it too far into the center of your face. This will just accentuate your pores (not pretty people). I like to put highlighter in a “C” shape on the very top/back of my cheek bone (closer to my ears and up next to the outer corners of my eyes) and then pull the highlighter up on to your brow. Don’t pick up your brush, and just go over your brow hairs (having a bit of highlight below the brow and above it looks amazing).

This product is unfortunately expensive, at $45 for the pan. I would suggest trying to go multiuse product on this guy if you decide to get it. I like using individual colors from the palette as eyeshadows to make me feel like I’m getting more milage out of it, but honestly, the product is amazing quality and you only need a tiny bit, so it might be worth it already. You can get this product at Dior counters and online.

The rundown: A


2 thoughts on “Dior Amber Diamond is My Halo

  1. I seriously thought this was discontinued! Well two years ago I couldn’t find it anywhere. Oh well….in the meantime I’m on Nars Albatross and Kevyn Aucoin the Celestial powder, not to mention Hourglass….I really tried hard to get this back then though LOL.


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