Current Obsession: The Mini Flick

a mini flick

If you’ve been reading my blog, you might know that I am obsessed with liquid eyeliner in a cat-eye/winged shape (life long obsession, and hopefully one that never changes). Lately though, I have been making my flicks mini.

I know winged liner can seem like the same thing over and over, but I find it a very versatile look. I love making the line along my lashes thick, evoking a 60’s look. I also like pointing the wing all over the place. I like doing pretty vertical wings, but I also love drawing them out to pull my out and make it look longer.

a more vertical wing
a thicker wing

Lately, my wings have been mini. Both the band over my lashes and the flick are thin. My flicks also don’t go out very far. I think it looks really delicate and sweet. Which can be a nice change, since winged liner can look harsh and dramatic (which I also love, but sometimes you just need a change, you know what I mean?).

Have you guys been doing anything a little differently lately? Would you be interested in some tips on how to go mini?


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