Current Obsession: Red Cheeks

NARS Blushes from the left: Taos and Exhibit A

At the moment I have a few obsessions, I’ll be spilling another later this week, but for today I’m telling you all about my obsession with red cheeks. I’ve been wearing Exhibit A and Taos by NARS like mad. Like everyday. Keep in mind, my blush collection is something to write home about, as in, its huge. For me to be wearing blushes consistently is something of a miracle.

wearing Exhibit A by NARS on my cheeks

Exhibit A has been the main love story of the last two months. I was in Mexico over the holidays and it looked absolutely amazing with a tan. Now that I am back in snow blanketed Philadelphia, it looks equally stunning  for the whole Snow White effect. Exhibit A is a matte blush, which I tend to prefer over shimmery blushes. Its also crazy pigmented, so you only need a tiny bit and blending is a must. 

swatches from the top: Exhibit A and Taos

Taos is a shimmery red with more of a brick color. I’ve been reaching for this on days when I’ve been lazy, all that blending makes Exhibit A gorgeous but man, some mornings I just don’t wanna. Its still in the red family, and give the same kind of look as Exhibit A, but with less volume (if you know what I mean).

wearing Taos on my cheeks


Are you having a serious makeup obsession right now? Any products you just keep reaching for?


2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Red Cheeks

  1. Hey Natalie, OMG you look GORGEOUS with these two! I don’t own a red blush yet, mostly because I’m very intimidated. But wow, Exhibit A! Such a daring shade!


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