Lazy Eyeshadow, Use your Bronzer and Highlighter!

Some days, eyeshadow is just too much to think about (this is kind of like blasphemy for me, but lets be real, it happens). Especially on early mornings before work or the next morning after a late night out ( you’ve got to brunch post going out people). One these days, I just throw my hands up and admit eyeshadow defeat. The solution?

lazy eyeshadow

Throw your face highlighter on your moving lid and some of your bronzer in your crease. Viola! An eye that complements your whole look no matter what you are wearing or what lip/cheek thing you have going on. Its mindless, and looks really nice and put together (gotta love a good shortcut).

I know its kind of crazy to still wear winged liner when I’m feeling lazy, but honestly, I can’t be without it. I actually feel undone when I look in the mirror with makeup on and I don’t have liner on. Its a compulsion. But at least I didn’t have to think about my eyeshadow combination!

the whole look

Sorry about the lighting above, it was sunset, and I guess thats just a crazy time lighting wise. I just wanted to show the general effect. For this example I used MACs Superb highlighter (but any will do, honestly, I love Soft and Gentle for this) and my beloved Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in 03 (Benefit Hoola is also amazing, as is NARS Laguna). Basically, you can do this with any highlighter/bronzer combination, which is what makes this so easy. Theoretically, you already have you highlighter and bronzer laying out to use on your face, so you don’t need to get out eyeshadow.

What do you guys think? Would you try this? What do you do on lazy makeup days?


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