Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Will Help You Lie to all Your Friends

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

I have wanted to try this mascara for a long time since I hear such great things about it. I got to try a mini of this recently, and I have to say, its good stuff.

Benefit They’re Real! Brush


The brush is pointy plastic bristles, with a ball of extra spikes on the end. I love the spikey end! It lets you comb out any clumps and fan out your outer lashes really nicely. Its just so useful. I wish more mascaras got in on this feature, its a winner. The brush in general is really great at preventing clumps, I think the pointy bits are really well spaced, and do a great job with separation. The lash test is below.

bare lashes!
wearing Benefit They’re Real!

I swear officer! They’re real! I’m not wearing flash lashes! If a cop, or more likely, a good friend pulls you over for false lashes while you are wearing this mascara, just set them straight. You’re just wearing Benefit’s They’re Real! man. This mascara is an amazing all arounder. It separates, lengthens and, volumizes. Its super black and water resistant too, so no flaking or smearing here.

Benefit They’re Real! has some length to it

It really elongates my lashes, and keeps them feathery. I love it. I wish it was a bit more volumizing, since I like some really dramatic lashes, but now I’m just quibbling. This stuff is great.

wearing Benefit They’re Real! on my lashes

You can get this amazing mascara anywhere Benefit cosmetics is sold (which now includes some airports, ha!) or more reasonably, at Sephora or online for $23.

The rundown: A



2 thoughts on “Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Will Help You Lie to all Your Friends

  1. I’ve always wanted to try this mascara because it gets rave reviews! One of these days…..I just cant justify dishing out the money when I’m in love with some ones from the drugstore!


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