NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette

This palette is actually really great. I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t plan on getting this. I have all of the permanent products in this palette, and I just didn’t feel like it was worth it. After reading scores of reviews on it (thank you peer pressure) I got it.

NARS One Night Stand Palette
clockwise from the highlighter in the top left: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm, Goulue, Deep Throat, Laguna

While I own Laguna, Orgasm and Deep Throat separately (and I love all of them) I actually really love this palette (surprise surprise).  Its been sitting on my vanity since I got it, and I’ve been using it everyday.

swatches from the left: Goulue, Deep Throat, Orgasm, Mistinguette, Laguna, Devotee

The highlighter, Devotee, is a seriously gorgeous color, a pinky champagne. And the two limited edition blushes are really pretty too, I love the reddish Goulue (of course) but Mistinguette (the soft pink matte) is also very pretty. As always, Orgasm and Deep Throat are staples, and Laguna is a love.

wearing Goulue on my cheeks

Goulue is so so pretty! I’ve been obsessed with wearing it, especially this time of year.

wearing Orgasm on my cheeks with Laguna for contour

I fall into the camp of Orgasm lovers, I think its such a perfect everyday shade. I used Laguna to contour my face, and even though it has a little bit of shimmer to it, I love using it as a contour color.

wearing Mistinguette on my cheeks with Devotee underneath

I actually also like Mistinguette, which is usually a color that is not my cup of tea. I feel like these pale pinks can wash you out, but this one provides a bit of a pop to the cheeks. It is matte, but not chalky at all, and blends beautifully. I put some of Devotee under this blush on the tops of my cheeks, so I look all “lit from within” I think it worked out (more or less).

wearing Deep Throat on my cheeks

Deep Throat is a peachy/pink which I love wearing with heavier eye makeup, since it doesn’t compete with other makeup. Its just a really pretty shade.

All in all, I think this is a win of a blush palette. It really gives you a variety of shades and a bronzer and highlighter, which rounds it all out. You can get this palette for a limited time at Sephora (the one close to me still has them) for $65.

The rundown: A


6 thoughts on “NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette

  1. I loved this palette and it looks lovely on you. I have so many Nars blushes that i couldn’t justify purchasing it, but I love looking at it!


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