Beating Heart, or Coeur Battant in French from NARS

Coeur Battant Blush

So I might be on a bright blush kick, hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I am. This blush is from the NARS winter/holiday collection and I love it. I love it so much. Its a super bright magenta/fuchsia pink. Like Exhibit A (which is permanent), it blends beautifully and leaves your face looking more awake and healthy. It is also very very pigmented, just a dab of this goes a long way on fair skin, but this blush will look stunning on darker skin tones. It will be beautiful. The powder is super smooth, and doesn’t look patchy on the skin. It also lasts all day long. Basically, it checks all the blush boxes for me.

Coeur Battant swatched on my NC/NW 20 skin

Coeur Battant is French for Beating Heart, which I actually really like. Thats an awesome name. It reminds me of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, which is a short story I love. It builds suspense so beautifully, just like looking at the blush in its pan. The suspense builds and builds until you get it on your cheeks and realize it was all in your head. Even if I didn’t like the story, this blush is amazing. It just looks fresh.

wearing Coeur Battant on my cheeks

This color is limited edition, so if you’ve fallen in love as much as I have, take your wildly beating heart to Sephora, NARS counters or the internet to get this blush for $29.

The rundown: A+


10 thoughts on “Beating Heart, or Coeur Battant in French from NARS

  1. Hey Natalie, wheee Coeur Battant looks great on you (I love that story by Poe as well)! Which brush do you use to apply a shade like this? I usually stay away from super pigmented blushes because I am a scaredy cat, but it’s most probably because I don’t have the right brush to work with them!


    1. Thank you Sunny (isn’t it good?)! For super pigmented blushes I like using a fan brush or a skunk brush (duofiber). You can also use your regular brush and then use an all over face/powder brush to blend it out more. I think a bright blush would look gorgeous on you!


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