May I Direct the Jury to Exhibit A by NARS

Exhibit A Blush by NARS

I used to be on a mock trial team in highschool, and the first time I heard the name of this blush it really took me back. Those were great times. Ill fitting suits and all, it was a lot of fun.

This blush does not joke around, NARS describes it as a “brilliant red” but I would just go with RED, its red people. Really red. Its also super pigmented. You really only need the tinniest amount of this blush.

It looks just gorgeous on, please don’t be intimidated by the shocking pan. Its stunning. Especially now that we are in December, this makes you look like you just came in from sledding (which is so much fun). It really freshens up the face and wakes it up.

Exhibit A swatched on my NC/NW 20 skin, its pigmented your honor!

Quite importantly, this stuff blends beautifully. With this kind of pigment power, you really need good blend-ability so you look like a snow-bunny, not a clown. I would wear this blush any time of year, but as I mentioned, its perfect for the winter time, when bright blushes make your cheeks look like they have been kissed by winter winds.

wearing Exhibit A on my cheeks

Besides the fact that this pan would last several life times, the blush will also last on your cheeks all day long. Its a true workhorse. You can get this blush at Sephora, NARS counters or online for $29.

The rundown: A+


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