Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 05

Okay, I LOVE this stuff. And yes, we are starting this post with complete transparency.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 05

This lip product adds a hint of color while being super hydrating. It also feels amazing on the lips. Super creamy and comfortable, its not at all sticky. That little applicator is a fuzzy (sort of) doe foot situation that actually feels really cool.

Wearing Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 05

Color 05 imparts a pretty pink sheen to the lips, and since pink is my go-to lip color for everyday, this is the color I picked up. When I was at the Clarins counter picking up this miracle of a lip product the makeup artist (MUA) told me some of the Clarins philosophy. According to Clarins lore, MUAs are just lighting the face. They don’t cover, conceal, or perfect. They light the face to illuminate the aspects that you want to showcase. Its like a really pretty magic act, where the spectators only see what the MUAs want them to. Beautifully lit skin, lips, or whatever you want to focus on. I think this makeup philosophy is really lovely, and I know it will seem corny or over-thought to many, but I like it a lot. It focuses on the good, and doesn’t leave you feeling bad about yourself, but rather beautiful, and isn’t the whole point?

make a fishy face, I know you want to

As mentioned in the first sentence I love this stuff which you can get at Clarins counters, online, and at Nordstrom for $22 for a single. Nordstrom is selling a set of 3 for the holidays for $40 which I have my eye on, its a total steal.

The rundown: A+

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