Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Happy Place, a Go-To Palette for Fall Lovers

Happy Hump Day!! (Can anyone tell I’m excited?) I picked this quad up at the Sephora VIB sale, and its my first Bare Minerals eyeshadow experience. My mom has one of these quads, but its in The Soundtrack. Anyway, I really wanted this because as you may know, I am very obsessed with fall colored eyeshadows right now. While I have copper/goldenrod shades I don’t have any good reddy colors. When I asked the lovely sales associate at Sephora for a good garnet/burnished red eyeshadow she was a bit taken aback. I guess most people don’t want to look that crazy, oh well, to each their own. I found this quad and just fell in love at first swatch (that happens in real life, like love at first sight).

Bare Mineral READY Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Happy Place

There are two mattes and two shimmer shadows, which makes this a use-as-is palette for me. I don’t need at add a midtone color for my crease or a matte skin tone shade for my brow bone. I could throw this guy in my bag and wear just it.

swatches from the left: Exhale, Euphoria, Imagine, Peace (don’t you just love the shadow names?)

These shadows are also amazing in texture, they are buttery, smooth and a dream to apply. They last all day beautifully (over a primer, which I am never without). The colors are just what I was looking for, the rose gold/reddy color, Imagine, is just stunning. Bare Minerals calls it a rose gold, I see it more as a light red with gold shimmer, but then again, I want to see it that way. My next favorite shade, Euphoria, is a plum with gorgeous red shimmer (loving the red, can you tell?). The two matte shades, Peace and Exhale are both gorgeous. One is a pretty peachy-pink skin tone shade while the other is a nice midtone grey.

I thought it would be fun to make a few different looks with this palette to demonstrate its versatility. You don’t just have to wear the red/rose gold shade, since I know that one can be a bit intimidating.

Look #1. I used Peace all over my lid and under my brow bone, then I blended Exhale into the crease for a naturally defined everyday eye look.

Look #1- Peace and Exhale

Look #2. I amped Look #1 up by putting Euphoria through my crease and in my outer V. This makes a really pretty daytime eye look, and the purple will complement every eye color.

Look #2-Peace, Exhale, and Euphoria

Look #3. Fall Loving (yes I named this look, its kind of my favorite). Place Imagine all over the lid with Exhale in the crease and Peace under the brow bone. If you want to darken it up (like I did for the pic) add Euphoria to your outer V. As you can see in the picture, the red isn’t super obvious, but it’ll catch the light when you blink.

Look #3. Fall Loving

Look #4. Purple Smokes (okay this is my second favorite). Place Euphoria all over the lid (you can mix it with Imagine if you want to get really fancy and make a super unique color). Blend out the crease with Exhale and use Peace under your brow bones.

Look #4. Purple Smokes is Super Sultry

You can use this palette in many more ways (like using Euphoria all over the lid, or well, there are so many, I should stop now). And the quality is really top notch. This palette is not leaving my side anytime soon, I’m obsessed.

You can get this quad, or other Bare Minerals quads at Sephora, Bare Minerals stores/counters or online for $30.

The rundown: A


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