Fresh Sugar Treasures Set is Full of Treasures for Lip Lovers

Fresh Sugar Treasures Set

This another post about a great set. This set comes with 7 lippies from Fresh, including their new Sugar Shine Lip Treatment, aka their new gloss formula. Along with 6 of their permanent Lip Treatment colors.

the lippies out of their treasure chest

These are all minis, which I actually prefer, since I can slip them into my pocket more easily. Though they do tend to melt some, so be careful. I usually pick up a set of the Sugar Lip Treatments this time of year, I really love the formula of these, and getting a bunch of different colors to play with is super fun.

swatches from the left: Sugar Shine, Honey, Rose, Petal, Cherry, Passion, Berry

The gloss is just okay in my opinion. Its a bit sticky, which I don’t actually mind, but I don’t find it as moisturizing as the Lip Treatments. Its completely clear, and individually, I think this is a bit overpriced for just a clear gloss. I’m glad I got to try it in the set, but its probably my least favorite in this set.

wearing Sugar Lip Shine

Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey is really nice, I find it surprisingly pigmented for a lip balm situation, and the color is the perfect nude. This is less glossy than the gloss (obviously), but I really like the texture considering the color is nude.

Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey

Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose is kind of a staple of mine, I have a few mini tubes of this already. This adds a light rose tint to the lips, nothing major, and is pretty shiny, which I like a lot since it makes your lips looks fuller.

wearing Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose

Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal is new (oh boy) and imparts a soft pink color on the lips. I like this one a lot, and I find the finish a lot like Honey’s. Not too shiny, but still moisturizing on the lips.

wearing Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal

Sugar Lip Treatment (I feel like I should just make that an acronym, considering how many times I’m typing it this post, from now on, we’ll just go with Sugar LT) in Cherry is a bright red. This is another one that surprised me with the pigment. Its red! Like really red, and it looks just beautiful on, I’m a huge fan.

Wearing Sugar Lip Treatment in Cherry

Sugar LT in Passion is a gorgeous reddish/plum/berry color. I like how this is really a passion color, I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in this, but this is exactly the color I thought it would be based on the name.

wearing Sugar Lip Treatment in Passion

The last one, Sugar LT in Berry, is a known love of mine (if you read this post here). I love this guy for fall, and I’m happy I have another one to stash around my apartment, and in bags, and just everywhere.

wearing Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry

All in all, this treasures set (aka the treasure chest) is a pretty sweet deal if you like Sugar LTs. Its $50 at Sephora, and there are paired-down sets of these lippies as well that come in reduced prices.


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