Whats On My Vanity, Fall Edition (and as presented on my face)

Hi guys! I hope you had a good weekend, I’m gonna start the week with the second installment of a “whats on my vanity” post. This is just a compilation of makeup products I’ve been absolutely obsessed with, and they come every once in a while. There is no set time period between them or anything. Last time I just showed you the products on my vanity (it was very literal), today I will be showing you them on my face (where they belong). You can see the last post Here.

whats on my vanity, face style

First, lets talk eyeshadow. I have been obsessed with copper/russet/brown tones, and the palettes that have been perpetual occupants of my vanity are NARS Isolde Duo and NARS Ride Up To The Moon. The colors I’ve been using most are swatched below, and I am just loving the copper/fall leaves eye look. In my look I was wearing the three shades swatched from Ride Up To The Moon. Isolde(1) is all over the lid with Fez applied liberally to the crease and Cordura(2) in my outer V and about 1/3 of the way in my crease. I also have Biarritz under my brow bone, but that isn’t very exciting.

NARS Isolde and Ride Up To The Moon
from the left: Isolde Duo, Isolde(1), Fez, Cordura(2)
Fall Eyes

For blush my latest loves are NARS Luster and Outlaw (I use mine from the Killing Me Softly Palette). These just scream fall to me, in the picture of me, I’m wearing Outlaw, but neither have left my vanity in months.

NARS Luster and Killing Me Softly Palette
from the left: NARS Luster and Outlaw
Smile! Its time for lips

For lips I’ve been crazy about MAC’s lip liner in Boldly Bare (its always been a favorite), which I use to fill in my lips and then I top it with Buxom gloss in Amy. Its long lasting and I love the nude shade it gives me.

MAC’s Boldly Bare Lip Liner and Buxom Gloss in Amy
swatches from the left: Buxom Gloss in Amy and MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner

I love this makeup, and it feel so perfectly fall like. I wore it to the Sephora sale with my friend Nina the other day. But its pretty perfect for just about anything. I’ve been wearing this look pretty daily.

out the door people

What have you been loving this fall? How has your Monday been going?

Bloopers, we all have em’, enjoy!

so classy

8 thoughts on “Whats On My Vanity, Fall Edition (and as presented on my face)

  1. Oooh, another Nars freak, I love this look! Even the blooper displays the eye look perfectly LOL. Dreadful—-I now need the Isolde duo even though I told myself that owning RUTTM means I don’t nead Isolde….


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