An Eye Opening Eyeshadow Quick Tip

Sigma E25 and E35

First, you need some great eyeshadow brushes, this is a crease trick, and a blending brush will really help. These two are my favorites. They just work so well, and they are so reasonably priced, and they last so long (honestly, I love these, I should stop gushing).

So, heres the trick. When applying your crease shade don’t take the color all the way through your crease. Lift your brush up as you get towards your brow. Hopefully the images below will help explain, but this just keeps the inner corner of your eye light, opening the eye. Applying shadow through the whole crease is what I call “a classic application” below, only because when I first started doing eyeshadow, thats how I learned.

my left eye has a crease color applied “open” and the right eye is a classic crease color application

You can see that the left eye in the image above has the color (made overly dark to illustrate my point) going up at the inner corner of the eye while the one on the right has the crease color applied through the whole crease. The left eye has a more “open” look, and also draws attention to the eye, while the shadow application on the right closes the eye off, and makes the eye seem more rounded.

application in action

You can see the way I use the brush to create an open eye in the image above. In the classic application of a crease color, as seen below, the brush goes all the way into the inner corner of the eye.

classic application

From afar, this results in a more open looking eye area. Its not super dramatic, but I think it really helps. I find the details of makeup application can make all the difference in a look.

the left eye has the open application technique and the right has a classic application

I hope you give this a chance, if you have tried it before, or try it after reading this, please let me know what you think in the comments! Do you have any eye opening tricks?

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