A Fall Blush Roundup, NARS style

clockwise from the lone pan on the left: Taos, Orgasm, Sin, Outlaw from the Killing Me Softly palette, Amour

I decided to round up my favorite blushes for this time of year. I love wines, plums, pinks and reds this time of year. The wines and plums just look amazing on the skin this time of year. Red blushes just look like winter to me and soft pinks pair so well with smokey eyes.

swatches from the left: Orgasm, Amour, Taos, Sin and Outlaw

The fist two I picked were Orgasm and Amour, these are actually some of my favorite blushes period. Any time of the year, for any kind of event, these are serious loves. They wear all day and look natural on the skin. Orgasm is a peachy-pink with gold shimmer. Amour is another peachy-pink, but its matte, and still manages to have an amazing, silky, blendable, pigmented formula.

wearing Orgasm

Orgasm is really beautiful, and I think it really does look good on just about everyone. Like all the blushes in this post, it lasts all day on my cheeks, and applies beautifully. Amour is super pigmented, and I just need to tap my brush into the pan to get good color payoff. This matte blush blends really nicely, which is pretty important with pigmented blushes.

wearing Amour

Taos is such a beautiful red, I find that I don’t like wearing this when I’m breaking out, since the red tone can bring out the pimples on my face. But during the winter I just can’t resist, its so beautiful!

wearing Taos

I reviewed Sin on its own, since its my favorite fall blush, and the post can be found here. Its just the perfect plummy color, with just a touch of sheen.

Outlaw was reviewed when I reviewed the NARS Killing Me Softly palette, here. Outlaw is a beautiful deep wine color, and I love wearing it in the winter time. Also, has anyone noticed the lack of snow!? Its November, I’m seriously disappointed. Once there is snow here I’ll let you know, I’m waiting eagerly.

I love all of these blushes, and the reason this is a NARS only list is because these are my favorite. I use NARS blushes most, since I like the formula the best of blushes I’ve tried. If you have any recommendations for fall/winter blush, please leave them in the comments below! I love blush, and I am always looking for more great ones.


4 thoughts on “A Fall Blush Roundup, NARS style

  1. They all look so pretty on you! I LOVE Orgasm, it’s perfect for everyday =) I’m too scared to try any of their matte, deeper shades in the instance that I might look like I just got slapped! LOL!


      1. I also used Nars Angelika =) Love the cotton candy pink! And, I have a matte blush from MAC called Melba. Those are my three that are in my rotation. I thought about getting Nars Amour but I wonder if it’s just like my Melba blush? I’ll have to see, I just love Orgasm! hehe.
        Let me know if you have any suggestions! =)


      2. Hi Christina, I love Amour, but Melba is also gorgeous (it goes with everything). Orgasm is pretty great, have you tried Deep Throat? I love that one for everyday as well, its a lighter peachy/pink than Orgasm.


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