Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

I’m reviewing my favorite foundation, this is so exciting. You should be prepared for a full-on rave review. I use this as my everyday foundation, and during the fall/winter/spring it keeps my oily skin from being a total mess throughout the day. I get oily around my nose around lunch time, but thats about it. Its really impressive how well this controls my oil, having to only blot once a day, and just on my nose, is pretty unheard of. During the summer I like to pair it with Becca Ever Matte primer to keep my super crazy summer oil in check.

This foundation comes in a squeeze bottle, which I find both hygienic and easy to control. I don’t end up losing product to a pump or getting my fingers all on up in a tub.

This is definitely a foundation for oily skin. It leaves a matte finish and soaks up oil as the day goes on. I don’t find this clings to my dry spots, which I sometimes give myself by over using acne spot cream. I think its kind of crazy, how well this handles my oil, but also doesn’t make my dry skin overly pronounced. The foundation provides medium coverage, and when layered you can get full coverage results. This foundation also comes in a whopping 15 shades, so everyone should be able to find a shade match.  I wear the color 30, and in MAC I am an NC/NW20 (I have a pretty neutral skin tone, so I aways list MAC shades like that).

I really like the texture of this foundation as well, its not too thick (not a cream foundation by any means) but it is thicker than your average liquid foundation. I actually really love the way it feels on my skin as well, its not super heavy and evident on my face, so I don’t feel like I’m wearing a mask all day. It also (the praise, it just keeps coming) lasts all day. I see some fading around my nose (that bugger, its such a pain) by the end of the day, but otherwise it looks really nice at the end of the day. I won’t say it looks just like it did in the morning when I put it on, since thats unrealistic, but it looks really nice. It is my go-to on long days especially (besides everyday, which is also when it is my go-to).

PSA: Below are before and after images of this foundation on my face. Be warned, I am not wearing any foundation in the first image, and I do have a few pimples. In the after shot, I have applied one layer of the foundation all over my face with my fingers. I have not put on any concealer (not even under my eyes, and I went to Dave and Busters the night before this shot, so sorry for the dark under eyes).

bare faced, note the pimples on my nose and between my brows
wearing one layer of Mat Velvet+, notice all the pimples are magically covered

If you have oily skin, I cannot recommend this foundation enough. Its seriously amazing.

You can get this wonder-foundation for $36 at Sephora. This price is also pretty great for a high end foundation, especially since the bottle lasts a good long while, I’ve had mine for around a year now and its not empty yet.

The rundown: A+ Favorite Status


2 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

  1. Hey Natalie, thanks for the review! I have combination skin that could go a little insane in summer (especially when I’m somewhere warm and humid), so I really should try this next summer! Your bare skin looks great too, so don’t worry! It’s also amazing that your skin tone is pretty neutral. I imagine this allows you to wear a lot of shades, warm or cool!


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