NARS Killing Me Softly Blush Palette

NARS Killing Me Softly Palette

This is the sister palette to Adult Content, which I reviewed here. This palette has Gilda (a matte red coral), Albatross (a gold sheen), Outlaw (a rose with gold shimmer) and Orgasm (pinky-peach with gold shimmer), which are all permanent blushes in NARS’s line.

from the left: Orgasm, Outlaw, Gilda and Albatross

This palette leans very warm toned, so if you like warmer blushes, this ones for you. The blushes that have sheen, have a golden shimmer to them, which goes with Albatross beautifully. I really love all the blushes in this palette. I own Orgasm and Albatross in their full sized pans, and I love them both. Orgasm is a real classic. My mom started wearing it before I did, and as usual she was on to something great. I know some people don’t like this blush, but I love it. I think it looks beautiful on everyone. Albatross is also a favorite. I don’t find it too shimmery, so long as you don’t use too much. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

wearing Orgasm on my cheeks with Albatross on my cheekbones

Gilda is such a beautiful color. I love matte blushes, and this one blends beautifully, as expected of a NARS blush. This one did kick up a lot of powder in the pan while I used it, which is a pain, but if you tap into the pan gently you shouldn’t lift any up.

wearing Gilda

Outlaw is a beautiful color for fall. The deep rose/plummy shade is gorgeous, and blends beautifully as well. This one is especially pigmented. Where the other blushes in this palette are pigmented, this one is super pigmented

wearing Outlaw

I really love this palette, it could be due to my general love of warm blush shades, but this is a really great quality palette for a great value. I think this palette has a blush color for every occasion, and I see this becoming a real staple in my travel bag. You can get this palette at NARS counters, online, and at Nordstrom for $49.

The rundown: A+


8 thoughts on “NARS Killing Me Softly Blush Palette

  1. Lost this post!! just wondering, which are each of the blushes? (ie: which blush is the largest square? top left? bottom left?) I’m just wondering because I already have orgasm, so I would rather that be one of the ‘smaller’ squares, but by the looks of it, it is the largest square?


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