So…Your Mascara Clumped (oy veh)

The clump! The Horror!!

Hi guys! I decided to do another quick how-to that I know really helps me on sad, dark days when my mascara clumps.

First, grab your mascara wand and position it vertically (be sure to also blind everyone in the near vicinity with your fabulous mascara wand)

Vertical people

Next, push the tip of the mascara brush into your lashes by the clump to separate the lashes in that area.

pushy pushy

You might want to comb through them again once all that separating magic has happened, but you don’t have to. Bam, lashes for days.

lashes for days, no clumps allowed!

2 thoughts on “So…Your Mascara Clumped (oy veh)

  1. Oh I haaate it when this happens! I haven’t tried this trick though! I used to have a comb for this purpose, but it didn’t work that well for me at all so I gave up on that!


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