NARS Adult Content Blush Palette

NARS Adult Content Blush Palette

Guys, can we just appreciate for a second? This palette looks beautiful. Okay, now we can move on. This palette has four of NARS’s permanent cheek colors. Zen is a natural brown (I like using this for contouring, since its matte and not orange), Miss Liberty which is a peachy highlight (this one has pretty big glitter chunks in it), Deep Throat is a peachy-pink with gold shimmer (a favorite, I have the full size) and Desire which is a bright matte pink (this one really wakes the face up).

swatches from the left: Deep Throat, Desire, Zen, Miss Liberty

I found all the powders very pigmented (Desire is honestly a bit frightening) but easy to blend (thank goodness). If you have trouble getting your blush brush into the small wells, try pinching your brush, or using a smaller blush brush that comes to a point. I use a Tarte Blush brush, which fits really nicely.

Adult Content with a Tarte Blush Brush

Adult content comes with everything you need to get your cheeks to look fab. Zen can be used under your cheekbones to define, Desire and Deep Throat are amazing blush shades, and Miss Liberty can be used to highlight. I really like Desire on bold days, when I want my cheeks to be all “Look at me world! I’m here!!!” and Deep Throat for more of a chill day, kind of like “Pass the cheese nachos man”. Miss Liberty is a bit much for me, the color is pretty, but the big chunks of glitter in it are kind of a turn off. If you use it sparingly it goes better, but I’m not a huge fan in general. Zen is really awesome, and I love using it under my cheekbones to sculpt my face.

wearing Desire, Zen and Miss Liberty on my cheeks
side view of Desire, Zen and Miss Liberty
wearing Deep Throat, Zen and Miss Liberty on my cheeks
side view of Deep Throat, Zen and Miss Liberty

Pictures of me wearing all the products in the set are above, with side views (these are called section views in engineering, in case you were interested). Overall, this set is awesome. A one-stop shop for cheeks with NARS quality. I would just be careful with Miss Liberty, that girl has a mind of her own sometimes, and she loves 80s disco (she’s a disco queen).

You can get this set at, NARS counters and Nordstrom for $49.

The rundown: A


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