So…You Need to Clean your Makeup Brushes

a sink!
dirty brushesHey guys!

I figured I would do a basic how-to post on cleaning your brushes. I clean mine every two weeks (when I’m being good). First, you are going to need a sink, some dirty brushes, soap of some kind, and some tunes, I always clean while rocking out, it makes the whole experience less like a chore (whistle while you work people).


Next, while holding your brush down, wet it in lukewarm water.



Now its time for the fun part, I swirl my brushes on a bar of soap, but baby shampoo or a liquid soap work just as well. Try to find something that isn’t too harsh so your brushes don’t get stripped and become coarse and are then painful on your face (no fun). I use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap since it keeps my brushes moisturized with its oils, but gets them squeaky clean. I only need to wash my brushes once, and all the color and gunk is cleaned out (I don’t have to use soap twice to get my white haired blush brush clean, and thats good stuff). I found my bar at Target, and now all my brushes smell like lavender, which just makes the whole makeup applying experience more soothing (it smells like a small spa for your face).

IMG_2527Last step, let your brushes dry at an angle. I put a tissue under them (so they don’t slide around) and tip them into my sink on the lip. You want the bristles to be pointing downard, so the water drips out that way and doesn’t go back into your brush and loosen the glue keeping the bristles in. Β Let sit overnight or till dry. Viola! Clean brushes.


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