Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

Anastasia Brow Powder in Medium Brown and an angled brush

I think filling my brows in with powder is my favorite way to do it. It looks really natural and its quick and easy. This is dependent on the amount of hair you have in your brows naturally. Since I just need some filling out when the mood strikes, powder works really well. If you don’t have very many natural hairs, I would suggest a pencil, so you can actually create brows where there are none (like magic!). This duo is really nice, its pigmented, easy to blend and the colors are ashy (grey based tones, very important for natural looking brows), plus the two colors means you can customize your brow experience (like a pick your ending book). I find these last all day on me, but I wouldn’t go swimming with powder in my brows (I honestly don’t wear any makeup when I go swimming).

bare brow

I use an angled brush and then put the darker color on the outer section of my brow (I keep wanting to type “brown” instead of brow…gah), so from the arch to the tail end thats closest to your ear. I then take the lighter shade and put that lightly through the front of my brows, so closer to the center of my face. This helps keep your brows looking au-natural.

with Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in my brow

I also use the powders to even my brows out some. My left brow is a bit more arched and thin, so I like the thicken that one out. I then add a higher arch to my right brow and extend it more, so they look more closely related (but they are still definitely sisters, not identical twins). I don’t like them to be exactly the same, since the sides of your face aren’t the same! One of my eyes is bigger than the other (which my brother always enjoys telling me). Lots of other factors can come into play, one cheek bone may be higher, or the corner of your mouth might be lower on one side. The point is, your brows aren’t supposed to be exactly the same! It would look downright strange.

You can get this duo at Sephora for $23.

The rundown: A


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