Dior Lip Glow

Dior Lip Glow

This lip product is supposed to be like magic, changing depending on your lips to give everyone their own unique shade. I have to say, the gimmick is a big part of why I picked this up but, it totally works. My mom and I tried it, and after a few minutes, our lips were different colors! My mom has a deeper, olive skin tone (I got my dad’s  pasty white skin), and her lips turned a darker pink than mine! More of a raspberry tone, on me it turns kind of a bright (but not too bright) pink.

wearing Dior Lip Glow on my lips

This lip product goes on clear, and then the color develops  before your eyes (like polaroid film, holla if you used this back in the day) and after 3-5 minutes you have full blown, naturally beautiful color on your lips. Its also super hydrating, the balmy consistency moisturizes, which makes it one of my favorite things to pop on my lips throughout the day.

kissably soft lips!

I would suggest trying this on your lips before purchasing, since it is pretty expensive, at $31.00. If you like the color that you get from it, it may be worth it to you (I’m always willing to shell out more if a lippy is hydrating, but thats just me). Plus, with that super chic packaging, you feel classy with it on. Almost like your lips are in an old black and white film, complete with Humphrey Bogart (I wish).

You can get this super chic lippy at Sephora and any Dior counter.

The rundown: A


5 thoughts on “Dior Lip Glow

  1. Oh these are fun! I think Avon was the first a few years back to come up with color changing gloss and I know Givenchy has a gloss these days. I much prefer the balm look you have here, super pretty!


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