My Favorite MAC Lipsticks – Everyday Colors


Im going to put a list to paper, or html, of my favorite MAC lipsticks for everyday. I know when I got started with MAC lipsticks all the different types meant nothing to me and I just picked up the colors I liked. I think this is the way you should start. Don’t get too caught up in the type, lasting power, finish etc. enjoy the color, the shimmer, the look of it. Getting too technical too fast will just complicate the whole thing.

This list goes from lightest to darkest, and does not denote a count down of my most to least favorite. My two favorites are actually Fanfare and Creme inYour Coffee.

#1. Freckletone



I love this color as an easy, everyday nude. This color is a lustre finish, so it is not full coverage color. The color also has no shimmer or frost to it, which I prefer.

#2. See Sheer



See Shear is a lustre finish, so again, not full coverage on the lips. This color is a pretty, wearable, coral/peach shade. I like this one a lot. Like a lot a lot (hence its place on the list). Its so pretty for everyday, and it goes with frackin everything.

#3. Fanfare



My second favorite lipstick, ever, is Fanfare, this color falls into my everyday pink. Its a beautiful midtone pink that doesn’t wash out my naturally pigmented lips, but still isn’t too bright to wear to work (or school, or honestly anywhere you are going on any particular day). This is a creamsheen finish, and its supposed to be a hybrid of a medium coverage lipstick and a gloss. I find that to be very true, I love the way this lipstick looks and feels on the lips.

#4. Plumful



Plumful is pretty true to its name, its a pretty plum. Its not too dark, or too purple. I think its a really fun color for fall. Especially if you want to channel the dark lip of the season but lighter, and for everyday. This one is another luster finish, so it goes on sheer and hydrating.

#5. Creme in Your Coffee



Creme in Your Coffee is my perfect my lips but better (MLBB) shade. I have naturally pigmented lips, so this color is quite pigmented. This color always makes me feel put together, I love wearing it to work or, brunch or, lunch! Its a creamsheen finish, which I find very comfortable and easy to wear. Its a nice medium coverage lipstick.

from the left: Freckletone, See Shear, Fanfare, Plumful, Creme in Your Coffee

Thats my list, do you have any favorites that I haven’t mentioned?


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