Big Hair Don’t Care – Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish


This stuff is amazing! If you have fine hair and want some weightless volume, this is the stuff for you. It plumps up hair and leaves it that way. You can also brush it out without ripping all your hair off, which is a serious plus. It’s colorless too, so if you have dark hair, it will still work for you.

the token “before” shot
and the “after”

The lovely “after” image is right after going to town on my hair with this stuff. I lift up sections of my hair and then spray it into the roots or around in general. For big volume spray into hair with it upside-down. Yes, this is more than I would use regularly, but I wanted to show just how big this can make your hair. This stuff has got the goods.

after some shaping

The picture above is after I had shaped my hair with the product in it. This is more the kind of volume I’m looking for, though if you like the Bellatrix Lestrange look, this can do that too.

It can turn your hair a bit crunchy if you spray the super fine and even mist too close, but overall, its pretty weightless. I find that it stays all day, provided you don’t play with you hair too much (though that would ruin just about every hair style).

The rundown: A


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