OPI’s Berlin There Done That

Happy Monday!


I hope your week is off to a good start! I was looking for a new nail polish this weekend (not that I need any) and found OPI’s Berlin There Done That at Ulta for $9.00. I think this one is from a kind of recent collection, but I think its a great summer-to-fall color. The weather here on the east coast hasn’t really given up on the heat of summer, but there are days now where it gets below 80 F (yay!! I’m a winter kind of girl, so this is very exciting). This polish is like You Don’t Know Jaques’s little brother or sister. It has that taupe/grey tone, but its lighter, which makes it nicer for the warmer weather.


I think I’m just ready for fall, the weather here just needs to catch up!

The rundown: A


2 thoughts on “OPI’s Berlin There Done That

    1. I feel the same way about the heat! Its awful. I’m really impressed with the staying power on this nail polish. Its lasts about 3 days before any real chipping (and my nails are very chip-prone). I’ll have to check out the Sally Hansen color!


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