Urban Decay De-Slick

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Setting Spray is supposed to set your makeup for longer wear while controlling oil production to reduce shine. This is the oily-skin version of the brands All Nighter setting spray. According to Urban Decay “A weightless setting spray that helps makeup stay put, controls oil, and deflects surface shine.”

 I found the spray really nice, it felt refreshing, and even, no strange spritzy situation here. The new packaging is kind of a fail for me, I use my hands and fingers to apply my base makeup (foundation, concealer etc…) and the tube is a rubberized white. Since this is the last thing you use on your face, all the foundation and concealer from my hands sticks to the bottle, and its not so pretty.


As far as the actual product goes, I didn’t find this prolonged the wear of my makeup and it didn’t help with my oil. I was still blotting after a few hours. I know this product works really well for some (you lucky buggers), but it just didn’t have a big effect on my makeup.

The rundown: F

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