Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara

I picked this up at the drugstore on a whim. I didn’t know anything about this mascara when I got it, but I have been pleasently surprised.


It has a curved brush, which I LOVE. I find that this shape brush picks up my outer lashes really nicely. I love the effect it gives me.


Below are some before and after shots, I’m not wearing any eyeliner or eyeshadow so you can see the way the mascara changes my lashes. I find the formula volumizing, which is what I look for in a mascara. I also don’t see a lot of clumping or spidery lashes, which are effects volumizing mascaras can fall prey to. This mascara doesn’t smudge on me throughout the day, even though its not waterproof. I did experience some flaking, but nothing major.

bare lashes
wearing The Falsies Flared

Full face shots, this mascara really opens up the eyes.

bare lashed
wearing The Falsies Flared

The rundown: B+, I wish it had a smoother formula after it dries


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