Acne – Makeup Edition

Hello hello,

Sorry I’ve been a little AWOL, I went away for the Labor Day weekend and life was just busy before and since.

This is going to be the makeup side of my acne posts. You can read about the skincare products I use here. As much work as you put into your skincare, at the end of the day you wear makeup. You have makeup on your face all day, and yes, it can make your acne worse. Much worse.

For me, keeping my skin matte has been vital. When my skin isn’t oily my pimples don’t migrate or multiply. The first thing you put on your skin, under all your makeup and concealer and stuff is the most important, since its directly in contact with your skin. My savior has been the Becca Ever Matte primer. It keeps me matte for a long time, doesn’t break me out, and you can use it as a blotting gel throughout the day.


As far as  liquid foundation, the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Plus is great (like HG great)! It keeps you matte and I don’t have issues with it breaking me out. Laura Mericer Oil Free Supreme is also AMAZING. The ingredients in Laura Mercier products are made for sensitive skin, and they won’t irritate or clog your pores, preventing breakouts.


The best way to keep yourself from breaking out is to use a mineral powder foundation. These kind of products shouldn’t clog your pores and will soak up oil throughout the day. I love the Bare Minerals line, I have used both the Original (glowy finish) and Matte loose powders, I have not tried the pressed one, but I love both of the loose versions.


For concealer, you want something that won’t make your acne worse, which is the kind of the point of this whole post. I love the Make Up Forever Full Cover, but MAC concealers (studio finish and select coverup) are nice as well, they don’t last as long on me, but they don’t break me out. Your choice.


Thats it! These products have helped me throughout the day to contain my acne. Do you have any tips for treating acne throughout the day?

All the best,



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