Buxom Time to Shine Set

Its Tuesday, the coffee is fresh and its easier than Monday (thank goodness). Plus, there are great lip glosses.


I went by my local Sephora this past weekend and walked by this lip set, annnnnd then walked back. I think is beautiful, and I love Buxom lip glosses. Red, plum and, nude are in for fall, and this set has you covered.

the ingredients
the ingredients

From Buxom: This luscious lip collection has multiple finishes and shades to keep you center stage—shimmering lip polishes and creamy, smooth-as-glass lip creams in sensual shades of red, berry, and nude. Lacquer them on and layer them up to create your perfect look. With the refreshing tingling sensation plus vitamins A and E, lips are soft, smooth, and ready for the spotlight.

The set comes with three Mini Full-On Lip Creams and Mini Full-On Lip Polishes. The creams are shiny and well, creamy. The polishes have a shimmer finish that I don’t find too much one the lips, I’m not really a fan of shimmer/frosty lips, so this is good stuff.

These glosses are the “plumping” kind. They kind of tingle on your lips a bit just after you apply them. I don’t know if they really plump, but I think glosses make your lips look fuller anyway, and as someone with not-so-full lips, I think these glosses are amazing. They make my lips look so much fuller! These also leave a minty scent, and while they are slightly sticky, I like that since it prolongs wear time. These are wicked pigmented! I love how you need just one swipe for awesome color.

Cream – Kir Royal
Cream – White Russian
Cream – Cherry Flip
Polish – Gabby
Polish – Amy
Polish – Tiffany

I think this set is really awesome. I love mini lip products, since I think they fit into purses more easily. The nude glosses are also a great way to get into a nude lip, since they are pigmented, but not so much so that it would be concealer on your lips. I love the creams the best, especially Cherry Flip, which is just so pigmented and flattering.

from left to right – Tiffany, Amy, Gabby, Cherry Flip, White Russian, Kir Royal

These mini guys are 0.07 fl. oz each, and there are 6 of these beauties in the set, which is $32. So each gloss comes out to about $5.34. A full size lip gloss from Buxom is 0.15 fl. oz and costs $19, which is just over double the mini size (and 5.34 * 2 = 10.68, much less than a full size gloss). This set a great deal, in my opinion, and you get to try lots of fun shades and finishes. If you love gloss and red, nude or, berry lips, I think this set is awesome.

You can pick this up at your local Sephora or Sephora.com

The rundown : A


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