Acne – Skincare Edition


me without a stitch of makeup on

As a girl in her twenties with oily skin it should come as no surprise that I have trouble with acne. Its annoying, and it can spread like wildfire on a face (annoying buggers). Im going to cover what worked for me, and how I use these wonders of modern science for your face. By the way, me in the picture above is on a good acne day, thanks to the products below!

Until my acne problems began, I used exclusively Neutrogena products. I think they are amazing. I think they are great. But one day, my pimples just became too hard-core for my beloved Deep Clean line to tackle. I turned to my mom (what girl wouldn’t!? She is my future in real time, and I think your mom is the best source of beauty know-how). She saved my face. No joke. But she had some serious help from Shiseido’s Pureness cleanser. This little blue tube is a foaming cleanser with little beads that burst once you lather it. I know most people are all about “cleaning my face without stripping it” but as a girl with oily skin and acne, I just don’t subscribe. Thankfully Shiseido Pureness doesn’t either. This stuff leaves your face DRY. The kind where your hand cannot, no matter how it tries, rub down your face in one easy motion. This is the secret to my acne banishing.


I wash my face twice a day. No exceptions. No makeup remover wipes, no its too late I’m tired, I wash my face.  Get into the habit. I also use toner after I wash my face, always, and I always moisturize. Im trying out Josie Maran Argan Oil as a serum at night, it hasn’t broken me out, but I’m also not less oily during the day (which is the claim to fame for the oily skinned among us). I use Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin during the day (its awesome and helps keep your t-zone matte while moisturizing the rest of your face, like a boss). The Origins Plantscription Eye Cream is great too, I don’t find it too heavy or anything. At a young age (20s) I don’t really have an eye problem to tackle, so I just use a cream I like the feeling of in hopes it will help in my future eye-wrinkle-life. The Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C night facial is great for getting rid of post-acne marks faster (but any vitamin c treatment will help, Neutrogena is awesome, and has basically all these treatments for less).

I also use a mask once a week, usually I make a little spa thing out of it, indulge in chocolate, a big robe and, a good tv show (NCIS anyone?) while that stuff sets on your face. I use the Origins Clear Improvement, it pulls all those acne-making impurities out of your face before they have a chance to colonize, the best offense is a great defense.


Oh! and I have really dry lips (because clearly oily face means dry lips….). See the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, its good stuff.


I hope this helps anyone who is battling acne at the moment. This is what has worked for me, and it is definitely not guaranteed to help everyone (especially if you don’t have oily skin). Next week I will be posting about the makeup products that help keep my pimples from getting worse during the day.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any great products for pimple-busting and oil-wicking? Please leave them in the comments!


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