Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

This concealer will hide anything. And better than that, it lasts really well. The best of any concealer I’ve tried. Its a waterproof formula, which is what I like reaching for everyday since it means it will last longer on my oil slick of a face. I got the shade 6, Ivory. This color is a bit yellow for me, which is kind of perfect since I use it to cover unsightly zits. The yellow in the color counteracts the red in my zit, which helps hide it from the world.

This concealer has a really awesome applicator, the super thin nozzle dispenses small amounts of concealer, since you only need a tiny bit. I like to let it sit on a pimple for a few seconds before blending to bump up the coverage even more, but you don’t really have to.


swatches from the left: heavy application and blended

The consistency is pretty thick, since this concealer brings the coverage, but it blends really nicely. I haven’t had it irritate me or break me out, which is kind of important when you are covering zits. It also leaves a matte finish, which helps hide a raised zit even more. A radiant pimple isn’t exactly covert. I haven’t used this under my eyes since I think the formula is too thick for me to like using it under there, but you could.

You can get this concealer for $32 at Sephora or online. The price is painful, but just remember that this will last you ages thanks to the pumped up pigments. I use mine everyday and I’ve barely put a dent in it (note how full it looks in the picture taken in November) and I got mine in August.

The rundown: A+

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