Some of my absolutely favorite products are circling the drain, and I wanted to tell you guys about them before they kick the bucket.


Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

I discovered the first, Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial (serious mouthful) as a sample I got from Sephora. Those things can really get you. Once I finished the sample I rushed out and got the real deal.

This stuff really works. I have a lot of acne, and consequently, a lot of post-acne discoloration. This night time mask clears these spots up more quickly. Like significantly more quickly. I started to really see a difference in my skin after using this for about 2 weeks, which I think is pretty darn impressive since skin care can kind of take a while to kick in. I use this as my night time moisturizer, and apply a good layer all over my skin. I love this stuff, and its lasted me almost a whole year using it every night, so this is pretty good bang for your buck, considering its $48 at Sephora for a years worth of brighter skin. I saw a night time moisturizer in CVS by Neutrogena that has vitamin c (the magic brightening ingredient), and I’m planning on trying it once this baby runs out. Mostly because it would be nice if I could get the same results from a drugstore product, which is cheaper and easier to get. Plus, I love Neutrogena products, like a lot (a lot).


Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in “I Love Me” Ivory

The second ode is to my favorite powder, period. Its a great powder foundation and a great setting powder over liquid foundation. I actually already have another one of these, except in the shade up (Never Settle Petal), since this one is just a tad light for me.

I wear this basically every day, and in the summer this is often my foundation since I need the powder during the heat. I think this looks beautiful on the skin, it doesn’t look heavy, or powdery, or anything like that. It just looks like beautiful, matte skin (which is right up my alley). Its a good medium coverage, and I use concealer for the pesky pimple situations before I pop this on in circular motions. I’ve kind of used this to death, and chunks of it have been chipping off for a few months now. I should probably just stop using it, but I can’t seem to throw it out yet. One of these compacts lasts about 9 months, for me, and cost $34 at Sephora. Considering I have another one already, I would definitely repurchase, and I probably will when the new one goes.

Do you guys have any stand by products that are running low? I love using a product up, it just feels good, ya know?

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