Hi everyone! Since berry lips are a fall thing and not everyone is game for the whole kit and caboodle that a dark lipstick is, I wanted to show you a way to wear the trend everyday.


wearing Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry

Wearing a berry tinted balm is less intense, but gives you that fall/winter feel. I used Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry but you can use any tinted balm you want, the Revlon Lip Butters are another favorite of mine. Both feel super nourishing on the lips, and this time of year I can’t get enough of a moisturizing lip product.


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry

Both the Fresh and Revlon versions come in a plethora of colors, so if you don’t even like berry shades, you can pick a moisturizing color for your lips.


swatched on my NC/NW 20 skin

I think this is a really fun, easy way to wear fall colors. Its not intimidating like a dark berry lipstick, so I happily wear this to work or out for brunch.

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