This stuff is hardcore. Once you use the spoolie brush to tame your brows, they aren’t going anywhere. Seriously.


Careful though, the brush has a bunch of product on it, and I find that sometimes its just too much. Like, I don’t need that much hold, so I wipe some off before this comes in contact with my fuzzy caterpillar brows, otherwise I find the hold too strong. Then you have crunchy caterpillars, no fun.  About my brows, they are a little crazy. They enjoy flowing freely in the wind, akin to Pocahontas’s hair in Colors of the Wind. Thankfully, there is Anastasia Brow Gel, this stuff fights the fight for me.

Its completely clear, and it doesn’t turn white or flaky in my brows. It lasts all day too, seriously important.


with Anastasia Brow Gel through my brows

The rundown: A (when used sparingly) otherwise B- (crunchy caterpillars are no fun)

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