On my last trip to Target, I walked by the Pixi section and decided it was time to try the eye bright liner. I ended up going with the less intense version of this pencil, the color on this one is called nude.


Its a wind-up mechanical pencil, which is really nice, no sharpening required. It applied smoothly, no tugging or jumping. It also has great pigmentation. I didn’t have to run it back and forth a ton to get the color to transfer to my waterline.






wearing Eye Bright

I find the nude color nice. It has a pinky undertone, which will brighten, while being very close to the color your waterline is anyway. Its not harsh or stark on my eyes. Its this subtle pick-me-up for your eyes,¬†and by extension your face. If you suffer from red eyes when you are tired, I could see this being a real life saver. Products disappear pretty quickly on the waterline, but once you’ve woken up some, you wont need this little guy anymore anyway.


bright-eyed face

The rundown: A