Banish second day oily hair with Batiste Dry Shampoo.


I have oily hair, so I need some dry shampoo in my life or I can’t go more than a day without limp, oily locks. My biggest problem with dry shampoos is the white cast they leave. I have dark brown hair naturally, and most dry shampoos make my hair look grey. Batiste dry shampoo for Deep and Dark hair has a brown tint to it, which disappears in my dark hair, in the best way. Plus, it adds some much needed second day volume, which my fine hair truly appreciates.


As far as the formula goes, this is one of those dry shampoos that doesn’t make your hair feel dirtier than it already is. I really can’t stand the feeling of super dirty, gummed up hair, and while many dry shampoos make that feeling worse. This one doesn’t. Super important.


Rundown: A+, this one is a super win

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